Thursday, 17 April 2014

Choosing to get back on track!

I find holidays difficult since my parents have both passed on.  Mum always made holidays a special time but that also meant a variety of foods that she only made for special occasions.  Because they were "Special" I was always inclined to indulge.

Since my journey began, I have found the past few months more challenging than I found the first part of the journey.  I have become more accustomed to eating and see some bad habits creeping back into my life.

 I think the difference now is, I am aware of what I am doing and I've always said "Once I've identified it...I can change it"   Ok Karen...time to get back on the band wagon completely. Enough excuses.  

#1 -Taking my vitamins EVERY DAY!
#2 - Making an appointment with Dr. Baily and start going again on a regular basis
#3 - Go back to the gym.   I enjoy it but it's not benefiting me if I don't go!
#4 - Making healthy food choices - the unhealthy ones are not satisfying so why do it??

I know what to it's time to get my act in gear.

Easter is the time when we eat chocolate eggs and have a big feast.   Bunnies eat lettuce so I'm choosing the bunny food. 

Time to take the last part of the journey and get to my goal weight.  Feeling inspired and ready to do this! 

I'm going to blog this last part of the helped so much on the first part of the journey this will get me through to my goal.

Thank you for joining me.   Here we go!