Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sooo excited!!

When I first thought about writing a book...I truly went through the motions thinking that it was something that sounded good in theory but the reality was...would I really ever write and finish a book.  A book???  Yes me...writing a book.

Somebody asked me the other day...when did I know that I was going to write a book and I didn't have a straight answer because I didn't truly know. 

I thought about it and what happened was, my girlfriend and I had an art studio that we managed and held classes in.  We also would host two big shows a year.  One of our participants, Catherine Astolfo, a retired teacher was and still is an amazing mystery writer.  She had come to us with the idea of having a writing class.   My partner thought it was a great idea.   To be honest, I had to process for a minute and realize that writing truly is an art form.   Then I said I would stay at the studio during the classes and just do some work of my own because one of us had to be present when someone rented the space.  

The first session we scheduled was postponed because no one signed up.  The second time we posted the class, we had a few people sign up.  Because I was going to be in the building anyway...I decided to take the class.  I had written a lot and enjoyed it and also written a lot of poetry and a song of hope and inspiration so I thought I would give it a try.

Well...two years later, I am about to release my very first book!'s a little surreal.  I am really proud of my accomplishment and anxious to send it out to the world. 

I hope you enjoy reading my story of how I made the choice to take my life back.  I take you with me on the one year span from hitting rock bottom to having gastric bypass surgery. 

By the way, I have already starting making the outline for my second book which continues the story of my life and how it has dramatically changed.  I am the same person but things have changed and I plan to share that all with you. 

Stay tuned!


  1. Wonderful, Karen. Warmest congratulations on finishing the book. And my unstinting admiration for winning your battle and inspiring others to do the same. isobel warren.

  2. Truly a wonderful accomplishment! Hats off to you, my dear badminton buddy! Hugs, Susan xo